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our mission

At docimpact, we believe that storytelling and a personal narrative are the best way to communicate a better future and inspire action to tackle the big challenges that face us today. Our projects inspire change in schools and communities all over the world.

We use film screenings to kick-start interactive workshops and long-term community projects. We are experts at getting the motivating power of a good story to evolve into measurable change.

Our projects, always in partnership with local NPOs and educational institutions, champion the individual. We believe the key to sustainability is giving each person the information and tools they need to make better choices; for the planet, for each other and for themselves.

Join the network! Whether you’re in a classroom in Europe or Africa, or organising a bush screening in Australia or Asia – our support and toolkits can help you forge a project and make a real and measurable difference in your community.

Our Process

1. Engage

We source great documentaries. We bring those films to remote audiences, entertain communities and break the big issues up into engaging stories.

2. Partnerships

We join forces with non-profit organisations, creating a local network that is sustainable, independent and takes full ownership of every project.

3. Workshops

Always led by local experts, they are a safe place for the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the issue, own it, and pull together to find achievable solutions.

4. Projects

We support communities to implement these solutions in sustainable projects; led by local experts, owned by individuals, monitored by us.

5. Measurable Change

For a better future. Our monitoring and evaluation accompanies and returns to every project long after it has finished, to assess attitude and behaviour change and continuously improve our work.