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Futureproof: Fast Fashion

Consumer Responsibility, Fair Trade, Environment,

Climate Action
Partnerships for the Goals
Responsible Consumption and Production

Who really pays for that €5 t-shirt?

We all know about the vicious economic cycle created by the fashion industry in developing countries: faced with no alternative, garment workers – 85% of which are women – are forced to accept low wages and dangerous working conditions, because billion dollar companies are outsourcing production to countries with no employment rights to increase profits.

But what about the environmental consequences of buying cheap, buying often and just throwing clothes away?

This project examines the ecological footprint of the textile industry, which emits more greenhouse gases than international aviation and shipping combined. 35% of micro-plastics found in the world’s oceans come from the clothes in our washing machine.

Starting with screenings of The True Cost, the audience engages with the global consequences of the rapidly expanding industry, and our appetite for fast fashion in the selfie age of influencers and social media.

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