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Teenage pregnancy is one of the key causes preventing girls from completing their education. Whether it’s lack of support from the extended family, systemic discrimination by schools and the community, or simply a lack of resources. The often unwanted pregnancy means the young mother is left with little hope for a self-determined and autonomous future.


With screenings of the moving documentary Milk, our partner Karibuni Kenya, is mobilising teenage mothers in rural Kenya to participate in workshops and community groups. In these Breastfeeding Information Groups – BIGs – the mothers receive medical advice on sexual health, birth spacing and nutrition. Crucially, Karibuni’s outreach work with parents, and the local community, provides the girls with the option to return to school or training college.


The Breastfeeding Information Groups (BIGS) are facilitated by local health experts, and a safe place for the girls to discuss their issues and concerns, share stories and get the encouragement and assistance they need for a more self-determined and brighter future.


Over 600 mothers and 7000 households have benefited from the scheme.

Please support a teenage mother to complete her education. You can donate here.

Terrie Wefwafwa, Karibuni Kenya

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