With screenings of the film #MyEscape and storytelling games this project provides a fun platform for schools to improve cultural integration in and outside of the classroom.

The Project

Together with teachers and pupils, we are developing a toolkit to encourage integration in German schools. The project goal is to create a fun environment for pupils to come together and use storytelling to start an equal dialogue about cultural commonalities and differences, remove prejudice and prevent isolation.

Screening a film that creates context and gives background information as to why people are forced to flee, provides the springboard for people to share stories, exchange thoughts and develop empathy. Games and team-building challenges aim to create a school environment where every can realise their full potential – in the classroom as well as in the playground.

Long-term tandem activities ensure project sustainability, and that pupils perpetuate a culture of mutual respect and open mindedness inside and outside of the school.

By learning from our pilot projects in Berlin, it is our aim to create a didactic blueprint that can be autonomously implemented in schools across Germany.




The Film

#MyEscape is a self-made story. Consisting solely of mobile footage of those fleeing their homeland, it depicts the precarious journey of those risking their lives in search of freedom and safety. In interviews the protagonists from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Iraq tell the stories that accompany the footage, giving insight into what it means to leave your life and loved ones behind in hope of a future.

A film by: Director: Elke Sasse