With screenings of the film #MyEscape and storytelling workshops, we will be addressing the issues of immigration and integration in German schools. Our main activity will be in schools with poorly integrated refugee classes.

The Project

The film screening creates a platform for the pupils to start an empathetic dialogue and ask questions about ‘home’, ethnicity and social responsibility.  After the screening, the pupils with a migrant background have the chance to tell their own story. In a guided workshop, the pupils then get together in smaller groups, ask questions and exchange ideas. Each group devises a long term project (e.g. cooking evening, film-making activity) which ensures continued interaction and a common goal for the pupils.

With the school screenings events we are aiming to provide a didactic emplate for the film and workshops to be implemented in any school in Germany.


The Film

#MyEscape powerfully depicts refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, risking their lives in search of freedom and safety. The stories are told through their own eyes and the footage they took on their mobile phone. Their experience is a first hand account of why they were forced to flee, and the harrowing journey that ahead of them after they left their home and family behind.

A film by: Director: Elke Sasse